AYY TaiTo Logo

TaiTo is a volunteer organisation working on on-campus artistic activities at Aalto University launched in the February 2020. The projects may include organising events/competitions/workshops which bridges all Schools of Aalto through art. I designed the logo - the outline represents palette on which a painter mixes colors and also it looks like a smiling face. I aimed to design something amicable and friendly. 

AYY TaiTo Creapril2020 project banner

 The first project Creapril2020 - an online art club for Aalto students - took place on the Instagram due to the circumstance. The project publishes one word a day and ask Aalto students to create some kind of art and share the posts on the Instagram. (The same idea as "Inktober")

We attempted to make the opportunity to do something fun in the difficult times. I worked on the banners that announces the word each day.